What Keep Dentures in Place?

Posted on: September 6, 2018

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Wondering how dentures are kept in their correct place? Great question! If you think you might be in need of either full or partial dentures in your near future, then finding out more about dentures is smart. Dentures have come a long way over the past years, making it so you definitely have choices. It will simply depend on your particular situation when it comes to what denture options are going to be available. The more you understand about your good oral health, the better you can make decisions that support it.

Why dentures are necessary

Dentures are necessary when someone’s natural teeth are no longer able to do their job. When an adult is missing multiple teeth, they need to find a tooth replacement option so their mouth can once again be healthy. While it is definitely preferred for everyone to keep their permanent teeth for as long as possible, this is simply not the case for everyone. Since there are many denture options available to choose from nowadays, those who are missing multiple teeth and need dentures will be happy to know that they have choices.

What keeps traditional dentures in place?

So, what keeps dentures exactly where they are supposed to be? When a dental patient is in need of traditional dentures, an experienced dentist will make the patient's dentures specifically for them. This means that when a pair of traditional dentures is made correctly, it will properly fit the patient without the need for any type of denture adhesive to be used.

If the dentures do not fit the patient properly, they will not stay in their correct position and may also cause the patient various levels of soreness, discomfort or even pain.

Can we answer your questions?

Have any questions about dentures we can answer for you? Since you will have options when choosing your new dentures, the more you know about each type, the better your chances at choosing one that will work for you. Every dental patient who needs dentures is going to have their own special needs, so making a consultation appointment with a professional dentist to ask questions is your next step. We are here if you need us!

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