What Is Dental Bonding?

Posted on: August 24, 2019

Wondering if you should choose dental bonding to repair the imperfections in your teeth? When your teeth do not look like you want them to look, then understand that you have many options for repairing them due to recent dental advances. In fact, these dental advances make it easier than ever for you to have a smile you can always feel confident in showing off. You can even have the smile you want in only one dental appointment, which is great news for those who live very busy lives.

About bonding

The more you understand about your dental treatment options, the more likely you will choose the ones that will ideally work for you. Dental bonding is a functional option as well as a cosmetic option for restoring your smile. It uses a special dental material that bonds to the teeth with a goal of restoring the teeth and fixing any tooth imperfections, e.g. chips in the teeth, uneven teeth, replacing silver fillings.

Common ways dental bonding is used these days

The following is a list of some of the more common ways bonding is used to address imperfections in the teeth.

To repair chips and cracks

Dental bonding is commonly used to repair any chips or cracks one has in their teeth. An experienced dentist will carefully apply the bonding material in a way to cover up chips or cracks. This not only makes the teeth look more cosmetically pleasing, but it also makes the teeth stronger.

To change the shape of teeth

Bonding can change the overall shape of one’s teeth. Short teeth can appear longer, smaller teeth can appear larger and uneven teeth can be transformed to look more even through dental bonding. This is a choice that many dental patients are making nowadays, as we have no control over the shape of our teeth.

To close the gaps

Patients who have gaps in between their teeth can choose to make these gaps smaller by using dental bonding. An experienced dentist will apply the bonding to the inside part of the tooth, allowing the gaps to appear smaller.

To fill cavities

Dental bonding can be used to fill cavities. This supports the cosmetics of one’s mouth as bonding is tooth-colored and therefore blends in with the tooth. Bonding also makes the tooth stronger, making it an ideal option for large cavities. While silver fillings are still available, they are very noticeable.

Will dental bonding work for you?

Is dental bonding the right choice for fixing your teeth imperfections? The sooner you have any imperfections in your teeth repaired, the sooner you can feel confident in the way you look when you smile. Depending on the type of imperfections you are currently experiencing, it may be necessary for you to find a repair option sooner vs. later. If you wait too long to repair your teeth, they may get worse, which is going to require a more in-depth repair option.

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