Pros and Cons of Dental Bonding

Posted on: October 4, 2019

If you have a cosmetic imperfection, you might be considering dental bonding. The bonding material is made of composite resin that adheres to the tooth. It can fix various cosmetic issues such as chips, cracks and gaps, and countless people are pleased with the results. Before you move forward, learn the pros and cons.

Advantages and disadvantages of dental bonding

Bonding is a relatively simple minimally invasive procedure. Many people choose it instead of more complex restoration techniques. Like most procedures, it has benefits and drawbacks. Patients should educate themselves on both before getting the procedure.

Pro – keep the natural tooth

Dentists must remove some of the healthy tooth structure to place crowns, veneers and other restorations. However, dentists only need to etch the enamel to apply the bonding material. Bonding does not weaken the tooth, so patients do not have to worry about damaging the tooth structure. The tooth also remains strong enough to support additional restorations if needed.

Pro – no anesthesia required

It is normal to feel nervous about getting shots at the dentist. This can spark dental anxiety in some patients. Also, people do not like the way shots make their mouths feel numb after the procedure is over. Anesthesia is not needed for bonding. This minimally invasive procedure is painless.

Pro – affordable cosmetic procedure

Bonding is much more affordable than many other cosmetic procedures. People can fix chips, gaps and cracks without spending much money. Bonding can even make teeth look longer and uniformly shaped. This is a good option for those who want to improve their smiles without spending lots of money.

Con – less durable than natural teeth

Composite resin is not nearly as durable as natural teeth. Biting down too hard on the treated tooth can cause the bonding to crack. Even with proper care, bonding usually lasts for 3-7 years, although it is possible for it to last longer. Fortunately, patients can get teeth bonded once again.

Con – not stain-resistant

Composite resin is a porous material, causing it to absorb the colors in foods and drinks. Composite resin tends to stain faster than natural teeth do. People need to be mindful of this after getting the teeth bonded. Drinking red wine, smoking and engaging in other staining behaviors can cause the bonding material to become discolored.

Con – only meant for small repairs

Bonding is meant to repair small imperfections in the teeth. People who have large cracks, gaps or other severe issues will require a different treatment. Dentists examine patients to determine if the cosmetic issue can be fixed by bonding. If it cannot, dentists recommend a different treatment option.

Do you have a cosmetic issue?

If you have a cosmetic issue, dental bonding might be the solution. It is minimally invasive and affordable, and you will not require anesthesia. However, it also is not as durable as your natural teeth, and it is not stain-resistant. Also, it is only meant for minor repairs. Talk to your dentist to see if you are a good candidate for this procedure.

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