Options for Fixing Tooth Gaps

Posted on: May 2, 2018

While gaps in teeth are quite common, not everyone who has a gap wants to have this space in between their teeth. Gaps in teeth tend to be easily recognizable whenever someone talks or smiles, which can definitely lead to feeling uncomfortable whenever they interact with others. Everyone deserves to have their teeth look the way they want them to look, there are many dental procedures available nowadays that can help improve the way someone looks when they smile when they have gaps in their teeth.

If you are someone who has gaps in your teeth and would like to have them closed, there are a few options available to you.

Reasons for gapped teeth

While the majority of people who have tooth gaps do not experience any type of discomfort or pain, there are some people who will occasionally experience tooth gap pain. Anytime someone is suffering from any type of oral pain it is recommended that they make a dentist appointment as soon as possible for a proper diagnosis. Some of the top reasons why someone may have tooth gaps include having undersized teeth, having different sized jaw bones, having trouble swallowing, being diagnosed with a gum disease, thumb sucking and having missing teeth.

Top options for fixing tooth gaps

Even though there are a few do it yourself options for fixing tooth gaps available they are definitely not recommended as they could make the gap worse. Instead, dental patients who have gaps in their teeth should only see an experienced dentist for tooth gap repair. A dentist is able to perform a professional evaluation in order to offer the patient the best choices for fixing any of their tooth gaps.

One of the options for fixing tooth gaps is using dental bonding. An experienced dentist can apply a special resin material that adheres to the teeth, essentially closing the gap. The resin is tooth colored making it look very natural, which is why many people who have tooth gaps opt for dental bonding to fix them.

Veneers are another option for fixing tooth gaps. Veneers are made using thin porcelain shells that are able to cover the teeth in order to hide any imperfections. An experienced dentist can adjust the veneers so that they also close any tooth gaps.

Retainers are also an option for fixing gaps in the teeth and are often recommended for those who have teeth gaps because they either have shifting or crooked teeth. A retainer fixes any gaps in the teeth by slowly but surely moving the teeth back into their correct position. While the retainer option is going to take longer, it is truly necessary for all dental patients teeth to be as straight as possible as this is the best way to support overall good oral health.

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