Missing Teeth? Choose Dental Implants to Restore Your Smile

Posted on: June 6, 2019

Before the modern dental implant was developed and popularized, dentures were the go-to solution for tooth loss. These days, however, dental implants have proven to be a much better choice when trying to replace a bad tooth. Unlike dentures, a dental implant is designed to be a more permanent solution, similar to putting a crown on a root canal. Much like with a root canal, you will get a crown when you opt for an implant, but it will be attached to a metal material that fits into the spot of your old tooth, making for a more permanent solution.

Here are a few reasons dental implants can be a great choice!

No slipping and sliding

When dentures were prevalent, people would often suffer problems when trying to speak or eat, caused by the denture adhesive fading over time and allowing teeth to slide around in a person's mouth. Obviously, it is hard to do much talking when you are worried about this happening!

Dental implants avoid this issue because they are attached inside your mouth on a long-term basis. While dentures are meant to be removable, implants stay in place. Dental implants are installed in a way that they become part of your mouth as a replacement for your tooth, so there is never a worry about your implant falling out of place.

A natural smile

One of the best things about dental implants is that they can give you your old smile back. A lost tooth can result in a gap in your smile, which some people may not find to be aesthetically pleasing and their self-confidence in their smile may drop dramatically. Implants are naturally put in the place of your old tooth, and unlike bridges, they are made to fit perfectly next to your other teeth, making size reduction unnecessary.

The right bite

If you are trying to eat healthier, crisp vegetables might be one of the main things you have on the menu. Unfortunately, if your teeth are weak, it can be difficult to eat a crunchy vegetable without feeling pain in your teeth, and dentures can only offer half the biting power of your natural teeth. Conversely, implants, backed by the power of metal and porcelain, can offer an even stronger bite than your natural one. You will need to give your new teeth time before you can use them to bite tough foods, but eventually, your implants will be set and ready to use.

Dental implants: An investment in your smile

Dental implants do not always come cheap, but if you are ready to say goodbye to the problems of short-term solutions, they are an excellent investment. Over time, they will give you a smoother, stronger and more natural feeling that makes them well worth the extra expense!

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