Is a Root Canal the Only Option to Save My Tooth?

Posted on: July 10, 2019

While a root canal is a preferred method used by dentists to save teeth, there might be other options. Every dental professional has the same goal: to help a person keep their permanent teeth. To accomplish that, there are many different treatments available. If you feel you need a tooth extracted, consult with your dentist.

Natural-feeling teeth

Although bridges and crowns help to enhance a person’s smile, there is nothing like the look and feel of natural teeth. People need to do their part in maintaining a healthy mouth. This includes regular brushing and flossing. It also means having a dental checkup at least every six months. However, whether due to decay, a chip or crack, a dentist might recommend a root canal.

Benefits of a root canal

Not only does a root canal improve a person’s smile, but it also has some health benefits. With a missing tooth, other teeth nearby can shift. That could create a second problem of misalignment. A shifting tooth could also make it difficult for a person to chew. Having a tooth pulled is relatively simple. However, it can cause pain and even lead to infection.

Modern endodontics

Thanks to advances in the field of dentistry, dental professionals can offer patients new procedures and materials. For both cosmetic and health reasons, a root canal is often the right solution. With this, an endodontist drills a hole in the involved tooth. Then, they remove the pulp and any debris inside. This procedure also entails reshaping the canal. When finished, the endodontist would place a crown on the tooth.


It is important for people to understand that these alternatives are not always supported by a dentist. In other words, a lot of dental professionals do not support them. Of course, a patient could opt to have a tooth pulled. Even so, it is better to choose a root canal whenever possible. If someone has an extraction, they might want to consider a dental implant, partial denture or bridge to fill the space.

Because some foods have an impact on oral health, people choose things that promote healing. However, even if someone has a root canal procedure done, it is still essential to follow a healthy diet. That way, there is a good chance of avoiding a future problem with decay or cracks.

Using ozone gas is another alternative to a root canal. In this case, the gas irrigates the cavity where the root resides. By penetrating the tubules in the tooth, the ozone gas kills bacteria. This also allows a dentist to salvage a larger portion of the patient’s tooth. As a type of disinfectant, there is a chance of eliminating an infection. In some instances, that could help a patient avoid having a root canal done.

Then there is calcium hydroxide. Similar to using ozone gas, this irrigates the tooth and deters the growth of bacteria. This alkaline substance also dissolves dead tissue. For this and ozone gas, it is imperative for a person to see an endodontist with experience. If all else fails, there is the root canal option.

Protecting your teeth

Proper oral hygiene will go a long way in keeping your teeth healthy. However, if you begin to experience pain, you need to talk to a dentist. If caught early, there is a chance of avoiding a root canal. If not, this procedure causes no harm and works incredibly well.

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