How You Can Ease Your Dental Anxiety

Posted on: July 15, 2018

Dental AnxietyGoing to dentists can make plenty of people have anxiety.  If you often suffer from anxiety, then perhaps you need to talk with your doctor about ways to eliminate your condition, either through prescription medications or healthy and holistic treatments.

Dental anxiety is no joke

Either way, dental fear is real.  Feeling this way is nothing to feel ashamed about or try to hide.  There are plenty of strategies you can use to minimize the amount of anxiety you are dealing with before you see a dentist. Seeing a dentist twice a year is essential; this is why dental anxiety needs to be treated. If your doctor has already written you an anxiety prescription, then we highly recommend that you take your medicine before you head to your dentist.

Your prescription medication will be able to put your mind and body at rest and should heighten the amount of GABA that you have in your system, which is a natural chemical the body makes to help you feel relaxed and calm.

If you do not have any prescription medication that decreases your levels of anxiety, then ask your dentist to provide you with sedation therapy, if need be. For people who are incredibly anxious and are fearful enough to want to cancel their appointment altogether, the dentist can most likely provide some relief with different options. Talk to your dentist before making any decisions based on fear and anxiety alone.

Is your anxiety condition is debilitating? Then we highly recommend that you talk to a cognitive behavioral therapist, before taking another step into a dentist’s office. This option may help you learn some behavioral techniques to get you out of your anxious mindset and into the present.

Make sure that you communicate with your dentist about your dental anxiety. You both need to be transparent with each other, so you can both get to the root of the problem.

Music can greatly help

If all else fails when you are getting a procedure done, listen to music. Music will help you distract yourself from the dental tools that are being used. It’s not pleasant when you are seated in the dentist’s chair, and you hear loud drills that overtake your thought processes and disturb your mind even further. Often, when people have anxiety about going to a dentists office, the nervousness can result from hearing drills, plus the poking and probing going on in their mouth.

Don’t let fear ruin your oral health

Make sure to take care of your choppers; they are all you have.  When you practice good oral health habits, you limit the amount of money that will have to come out of your pocket. By keeping yourself healthy through mindful thinking and individual strategies, you can ease and eradicate your dental anxiety.

Anxiety, whether it is dental anxiety or just the general type, will take over a person’s mind.  Anxiety can later manifest physically, which is never a good way to live. Either way, being open and honest with your dental professional can be the first step to easing your anxiety and finding step by step help through the process.

Contact us today; we can help!

Talk to your dentist, and you two can create a smart plan to relieve your dental anxiety as soon as possible.  Seeing a dentist is utmost important. It is time that you put your nervousness in check, for your healths sake. We would love to help you in fighting this fear and have helped many patients in the past. Contact us today and see the difference we can bring to your dental experience!

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