Family Dentistry Tips: Are High Carbohydrate Foods Just as Bad as Sugar for Your Teeth?

Posted on: July 5, 2019

These family dentistry tips explain why carbohydrates are bad for your teeth. More than likely, you have heard your entire life that sugar can cause teeth to rot. This is true. However, there is another issue when it comes to food. In a similar way, carbohydrates also lead to tooth decay.

What are carbohydrate foods?

Although carbohydrates in controlled amounts are okay, too much can cause serious problems. Not only can these foods lead to obesity but also tooth decay. Some examples of foods to avoid or minimize include bread and grains. Also, people should cut down on starchy vegetables like corn and potatoes as well as some types of fruits. Pasta, cereal and beer are also culprits.

Why family dentistry tips include carbohydrates

To understand why carbohydrates are so hard on teeth, people need to learn the effects of sugar. The sugar found in both food and beverages reacts with bacteria in the mouth. In response, the sugars convert to energy. This process causes acid to form, which is what damages the protective enamel on teeth. It takes roughly 20 minutes for this conversion to take place. This is why brushing immediately after each meal is so critical.

While carbohydrates provide energy, they also convert into sugar. Therefore, when someone eats foods or drinks beverages high in carbohydrates, there is a higher risk of tooth decay. According to family dentistry tips, there is another reason why carbohydrates can damage teeth. Some foods, including pasta and bread, have a chewy texture. That means it is easier for food particles to become stuck in between the teeth.

Along with brushing after every meal, as well as after snacks, people need to floss. Especially when eating foods high in carbohydrates with a chewy texture, this eliminates trapped food particles. These two things, along with rinsing with an antibacterial mouthwash, prevent problems from arising. Otherwise, there is a risk for developing cavities, tooth decay and possibly infection.

Do not overlook beverages

When it comes to carbohydrates, most people automatically think of bread, grains, pasta and cereal. However, some beverages are just as bad. In fact, a lot of commercially produced drinks are high in both sugar and carbohydrates. Before buying anything, individuals should take a minute to read labels. Doing so can prevent tooth decay, obesity and overall poor health.

Keeping tooth decay at bay

Family dentistry tips guide people away from foods and beverages high in both sugar and carbohydrates. At the same time, they cover alternatives. As an example, fruits and vegetables high in fiber stimulate the flow of saliva. Not only is this a natural defense against decay, but it also washes away food particles. Great options include carrots, celery and apples.

Other good foods for fighting tooth decay include plain yogurt, various types of cheese and milk. For one thing, these are all low in carbohydrates. These foods also contain important minerals like calcium that help keep teeth strong. People can even find a nice selection of juices fortified with calcium.

Protect your teeth

A great way to protect your teeth is by reducing the amount of sugar and carbohydrates consumed. Also, be sure you brush and floss following every meal, including snacks. Of course, as part of family dentistry tips, see your dentist on a regular basis. Protecting your teeth will give you a healthy mouth and beautiful smile.

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