False Teeth Options

Posted on: March 2, 2018

TeethDentures- also known as False Teeth

People with either one tooth or more than one teeth missing need a specific kind of dental prosthesis known as dentures or false teeth. Dentures greatly improve the overall quality of a person’s life. From eating and speech to smile and overall personality, dentures serve as an important dental procedure in an individual’s wellbeing. They also prevent the face from sagging, thereby enhancing patient’s self-esteem and confidence. Dentures are classified according to the following requirements:

  • Full or partial teeth replacement

  • Whether the dentures are removable or fixed

  • Whether implants have been inserted in the jaws for dentures or they are supported by gums

  • What material are they made of

There are several options and types of dentures available. These have been discussed below:

Partial versus complete dentures

Conditions like periodontitis, injury, tooth infection or any other medical condition might require your complete set of teeth replaced. Snugly sitting on your gums, artificial teeth are fixed to a plate made of acrylic material that is the color of your gums. The inside might be made up of metal but it is placed away from the edge of the teeth so that it doesn’t become visible when you smile.

When some natural or healthy teeth are still present, partial dentures are applied. To be able to fit them amongst healthy teeth, a technician carefully shapes them.

False removable teeth

Dentures were traditionally designed to be removable so that they can easily be removed for the purpose of cleaning. Because of their removability, these dentures are also likely to slip out often. In such case, dental adhesive may be recommended by your dentist. Also, edibles that require greater chewing or force by teeth are advised to be avoided if you have a removable denture on.

Implant retained dentures

Whatever the number of missing teeth, dental implants are a versatile and permanent solution for any such dental issue. In order to provide stability to the tooth root; a metal screw is inserted in the affected tooth’s jawbone. A denture, crown or bridge is then affixed to the inserted metal screw. Implants are far more durable, often for an entire lifetime and are also very secure options. Although a dental implant is the most suitable form of denture, it is also the most expensive.

Immediate dentures

Immediate dentures are often referred to as temporary false teeth. These are mostly needed in situations where teeth have been extracted, removed or damaged from a prominent position that is highly manifest or visible. In such cases, immediate dentures are often used to avoid a gap-toothed smile or visibility during speech. But immediate dentures would need to be replaced in short amount of time because teeth gum and bone frequently change shape and position.

Flexible dentures

The usual dentures are made of acrylic and are very bulky but flexible partials such as Valplast offer more comfort when worn and do not disrupt speech as much. They are made of a softer material which is gentler for gums.

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