5 Tips for Living with New Dentures

Posted on: October 16, 2018

Anyone who has been dealing with a mouth that has two or more missing teeth will likely be extremely happy once he or she receives a new pair of dentures to wear. The thought of smiling or chewing with missing teeth is not appealing to anyone and a full mouth of teeth — both natural and manufactured — can only provide happiness and confidence to the wearer.

What to know about dentures

However, because dentures are not natural teeth, there are several things to know about them before living with new dentures. Here are five tips for patients to consider when it comes to living with new dentures:

  1. Keep them clean and do not take them out of the mouth for at least 24 hours so the wearer's mouth can adjust to the feel of the new dentures.
  2. Don't chew on anything too hard, although sucking on mints is OK as this helps reduce the amount of saliva the mouth creates. Avoid ice, hard candy or sticky substances.
  3. Chew equally with the right side and left side of the mouth as this makes sure your set of dentures are equally balanced.
  4. Try talking. It may feel weird to have a conversation at first, but once used to it, it is easy to adjust to talking with the appliance in place. However, it does take time adjusting to this foreign item in place.
  5. Start out eating soft dishes, and then gradually move to meals that require more chewing. Ease into eating harder foods.

New dentures give a person another opportunity at having natural looking teeth that look great. This allows a person to open his or her mouth and talk again without feeling bad about the way missing teeth look and feel in the mouth.

Deciding to rehabilitate the mouth with new dentures provides a process that is non-invasive — one that means the wearer experience zero pain and a new set of teeth awards the wearer with priceless and everlasting memories you will never forget.

Enjoy the benefits of new dentures

Dentures are a cost-effective alternative when it comes to fixing missing teeth as opposed to getting dental implants, which is more invasive and costly. As long as the wearer follows the tips mentioned in this post, it is possible to enjoy new dentures as if they were real teeth.

Help is on the way when you contact your dentist today. Soon, you'll be able to go out in public with complete confidence. Book an appointment with one of our dentists who can place your new dentures in the proper position, one that is comfortable for the wearer. This makes it possible to enjoy your life and eat the food you want embarrassment-free.

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