5 Secrets to a Healthier Smile

Posted on: April 2, 2018

Everyone is on the prowl for a way to improve the look and health of their smile. The smile mainly consists of the front teeth, the gums and lips. The subtleties of these portions of your mouth matter a great deal in terms of smile aesthetics.

Follow these tips to enhance the look and health of your smile.

Bright White is not Always Right

Smile health should not be judged by the shade of white. Teeth whitening will certainly enhance the look of teeth yet this does not mean your smile will prove healthier. The bottom line is there is no one-size-fits-all solution for teeth whitening. Choose professional treatment to ensure that you receive the safest possible approach.  The dentist will whiten your teeth to a reasonable degree that does not jeopardize your oral health.

A Healthy Smile Might be as Simple as Visiting the Dentist

The sad truth is the average person does not visit the dentist as frequently as necessary. For the most part, patients should have their teeth examined and cleaned by a professional dentist at least once every six months. In fact, some dentists are adamant patients should visit the dentist once every three months. Keep in mind it only takes a few months to recolonize the bacteria out of your mouth during a dental check-up.  

Avoid Acidic Beverages

Dentists can tell if you consume acidic beverages as soon as they look in your mouth.  Patients who have gotten into the habit of drinking coffee, tea and/or soda or have a drug issue will not be able to hide it from the dentist. Acid erosion is also present in the mouths of bulimic patients. Acid reflux can spur bad breath. The acid will wear away at the teeth, cause cavities and gradually diminish your oral health in all sorts of additional ways as time progresses.

Waiting Until Pain Occurs is a Mistake

One of the little-known secrets to maintaining a healthy smile is preventive action. If the pain is present, you have likely waited too long to alter your oral health routine or visit the dentist. The problem is the majority of dental problems do not cause pain right away. Cavities often cause no pain at all until they have moved deep down into the teeth. Gum disease is also another silent oral health malady.  

The problem with waiting until pain is present is there might already be an infection or bacteria positioned within the pockets of gums.  Be proactive with preventive dental care at home and at the dentist's office so problems can be tended to before they cause considerable pain.

Dental Floss Substitutes Will Not Suffice

You can pick up those little flossing instruments at the local drugstore or try using a toothpick yet neither will provide the same clean as legitimate floss. Real floss moves between the teeth to pluck out food particles, bacteria and other hidden grime. After all, brushing only cleans about half of the gunk off your teeth. The only other way to clean the remaining 50 percent and maintain a healthy smile is with the regular use of traditional floss.

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