4 Ways to Care for Dental Crowns

Posted on: November 16, 2018

You have to care for dental crowns as you care for your car. You keep your vehicle in great condition for as long as you use it. It is the same with dental crowns. If you take care of your crowns, you get to use them for a longer period. If you do not, they break down just like a neglected car would.

Caring for your dental crown

So, how do you keep your crowns in excellent condition?

1. Have a rigorous oral care regimen

It cannot be stressed enough. The simplest way to care for dental crowns is by preventing tooth decay and gum infections. That means brushing and flossing just like the dentist said you should: Twice a day and after meals if possible.

2. Take care of the gums

Keeping the gum healthy is one of the best ways to keep dental crowns in place. On the other hand, infected gums will cause the crown and the teeth surrounding it to come loose.

A crown encases the tooth and rests right on the gum, which means that there is a tiny gap between the base of the crown and the gum. This little gap can become a hiding place for plaque and bacteria. Bacteria can use the space to infect the restored tooth as well as the gum.

To clean the space between the gap and the crown, floss around the crown and use a toothbrush to brush the base of the restored tooth gently. To reach bacteria right where they hide, rinse the mouth with a powerful antiseptic mouthwash that has fluoride.

3. Do not use teeth and crowns as tools

When doing some task, you may use the tool that is within reach, even if it not the right one for the job. Most times, that tool is the mouth and the teeth inside it. Teeth and crowns are strong, but they can still break. Do not try to open packaging or tight bottle caps with your teeth.

Also, avoid using your teeth as a vice or a crushing tool.

4. Get routine checkups

Like cars, dental crowns need to be serviced by a professional every so often. Do not wait for something to go wrong before seeing a dentist. Get regular dental exams so that the dentist can see how the teeth are doing.

During a routine exam, a dentist makes sure that the teeth and gums are healthy. They also check if the crowns fit properly. Lastly, they check for a bad bite. If the dentist finds a problem with the teeth or the dental crown, they correct it.

Routine checkups keep the crowns snug and well placed, which prevents them from coming loose or falling off.

Get maximum mileage out of your crowns

Dental crowns were designed to last, so there is no reason why they cannot serve you for decades.

Metallic crowns last a lifetime, as do porcelain and zirconia-based crowns. Use a few simple oral care tips to keep your crowns looking and feeling like they just came from the dealership.

Are your crowns loose, damaged, or simply need some upkeep? If so, call us and see how we can get your mouth back into perfect condition.

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