5 Tips for Living with New Dentures

Anyone who has been dealing with a mouth that has two or more missing teeth will likely be extremely happy once he or she receives a new pair of dentures to wear. The thought of smiling or chewing with missing … Continued

Toothaches: Causes, Treatments and Prevention

Why is this happening? A toothache can happen for all sorts of reasons. The most well-known are cavities, but there are many other conditions that can cause it. The pain can last anywhere from a few seconds to a constant, … Continued

A Comparison of the Different Types of Dental Bridges

Looking for INFO ON DENTAL BRIDGES near the 32960 area? Call Art of Smiles – Norman D. Knowles, D.M.D. at (772) 778-0954. Looking for information on dental bridges? A dental bridge is a tooth replacement option and is used to … Continued

What Keep Dentures in Place?

Looking for INFO ON DENTURES near the 32960 area? Call Art of Smiles – Norman D. Knowles, D.M.D. at (772) 778-0954. Wondering how dentures are kept in their correct place? Great question! If you think you might be in need … Continued

What Happens When Food Gets Stuck in My Teeth?

Learn more about what happens when food gets stuck on teeth and is left there for prolonged periods. Find out how to prevent this from happening. #Teeth #Food #Oral #Hygiene

Who Needs Full Mouth Rejuvenation

Read about the facts around full mouth rejuvenation and how these treatments can be used to improve the look and function of a person’s teeth. #Full #Mouth #Rejuvenation

How You Can Ease Your Dental Anxiety

Going to dentists can make plenty of people have anxiety.  If you often suffer from anxiety, then perhaps you need to talk with your doctor about ways to eliminate your condition, either through prescription medications or healthy and holistic treatments.Dental … Continued

Tips to Make Your Dental Check-Up Easier

Dental check-upsDentists and dental hygienists love patients who take good care of their oral health. When you properly brush your teeth twice a day and floss the way your dentist taught you, this makes their job much easier.If you just … Continued

Cosmetic Dentistry Treatments to Brighten Your Smile

If you are unhappy with your smile, you should know that you have the power to improve its appearance. Meet with a cosmetic dentist to learn about the many ways dental technology and techniques can beautify your smile. Here is … Continued

Should You Chew Sugar-Free Gum for Dental Health?

If you are looking for an affordable and tasty way to clean your mouth, consider sugar-free gum. Sugar-free gum can be good for dental health, though some types are better than others. Here is a closer look at why chewing … Continued